FILMS by Alison Teal

Blue Duck Station

“Step Outside your Comfort Zone” · NEW ZEALAND

After a surf adventure along the New Zealand coast, Alison decides she cannot leave the country without experiencing what iconic NZ farm life is like. Thus, she sets off to Blue Duck Station, the most land locked farm on the North Island, to see if they need an extra farm hand. With a visit from the Minister of Conservation looming, Blue Duck Station is eager for her help.

The Minister’s visit is to evaluate the success of Blue Duck’s conservation efforts, so Alison is put to work alongside classic cowboy Chad to get the farm ready for her visit. But as animals keep mysteriously disappearing, Alison and Chad end up on a series of dangerous and comical missions to help save the farm from a wild beast lurking in the nearby mountains.

Lost Island Of The Fire Walkers

“ The Power of Storytelling ” · FIJI

Alison heads off to Fiji to check out the Volcom Fiji pro and make an attempt to surf one of the biggest swells to ever hit Cloud Break. Kelly Slater calls Alison into a huge wave, but she gets swept inside and hurts herself on the reef. She thus decides to head off to a tiny island to rest and heal but little does she know it’s the magical island of the fire walkers.

Alison finds herself in an adventure with the island’s Chief, deep into the intense Fijian past; to a time of tribal wars, cannibals, and spiritual consequences for breaking traditions. As her virtue is gauged by a series of tests placed upon her by the villagers, along the way Alison learns the importance of family, living off the land, and stumbles upon the secret to happiness.


Rita is a true story based on the filmmaker's childhood. Brought up in a worldwide whirlwind of adventure by her outdoor photographer/travel-guide parents, Alison Teal's early life was filled with the stuff of dreams. It was not until the family set out on an expedition to Mt. Everest, however, that seven-year-old Alison was able to experience her own unexpected dream. Multiple award WINNER including Telluride Mountain Film Festival and a nomination for an MTV Movie Award...check out Alison's current series Alison's Adventures


During a surf safari off the bleak Moroccan coastline, Alison encounters a shaman that warns her she will have a serious surfing accident unless she kisses a live cobra! And thus the adventure begins – guided by Moroccan magic!

Wild Child

Who is Alison Teal and why did she go naked on national TV in the most challenging survival show ever? 

This short film follows the series of wild and comedic events leading up to Alison’s departure for Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid. 

With one week to prepare for the ultimate test of her survival skills, Alison turns to her wilderness expert parents and cast of talented locals from her home in Hawaii and along the way, discovers the most important “tool” for survival.


INCANtations is the first film in the series that Alison made eight years ago. Check out where it all began, AND meet Alison’s wild parents!

Alison leaves her surfboard behind and sets out on a comical family adventure with her explorer parents into an uncharted region of the Peruvian Andes. The family braves snowstorms and high mountain passes, in search of an untouched village said to have some of the last surviving Incan descendants and most powerful shamans in the world – but are NOT known to be welcoming to outsiders. What they discover is beyond their expectations and they learn the secret to saving the planet.

Hale Kai

Alison Teal from Naked and Afraid bares all about her wild parental units and their "Home Sweet Grass Shack." They are the real Swiss Family Robinson

How and why was I able to do such great, exciting stuff? Because I grew up home schooled all around the world by my wild and daring adventure pioneer parents, who are so extraordinary I have often said to myself:
“I love them, but are they secretly from another planet?”

After I was born on the floor of a tiny log cabin high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains adventure photographer parents. My family got an assignment from MOUNTAIN BIKE MAGAZINE to go on a photojournalist adventure around the Big Island of Hawaii and test out some of the first Mountain Bikes. We came across an incredible piece of ocean front property and decided to build a home base there called “Hale Kai” or “Ocean House.” Over twenty years later, this true labor of love, our very own “Robinson Crusoe Style Grass Shack” has become a renowned retreat center and my beloved home.

Survivor Family

Meet the wildest adventure family on earth! Get ready to travel alongside this family soon at and check out to sign up for a trip or follow us at



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