Bali Yoga Adventure

Watch for 2024 dates Bali Yoga immersion.

We look forward to sharing our love of the Spirit, Land, Culture and long time Bali Friends and Family with you!

A Spiritual Cultural Adventure into the
Heart of Bali 

The island of Bali embodies a spiritual and cultural existence like nowhere else on Earth. Bali is a unique gem, faceted by the hands of its people into a perfectly landscaped paradise. The Yogic soul is alive and tangible – culture blends with spirituality, and Bali’s earth based Hinduism blends with her Mother India.

We will journey into the heart of the Balinese world-view that sees the three vital aspects of our being as our connection with nature, with each other, and with Spirit. With this world-view as the foundation for our time together, we invite students, teachers and adventurers to deepen their practice. The deep reverence with which the Balinese live in harmony with nature, with each other, and with Spirit is reflective of their deep yogic roots and their honoring of all life.

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Regardless of where you are in your yogic journey, we invite anyone who feels drawn towards this experience to join us and become a part of our global family!

During our stay we will live in the small Balinese village of Nyuh Kuning, adjacent to a sacred monkey forest and temple where Deborah and David have fostered local friendships for over 40 years. Our accommodations will be magical, traditional, comfortable, and eco friendly with a feel of “home.”

Our days will revolve around yoga and village life. We will experience the softness of Bali, forests, picturesquely sculpted rice terraces, looming volcanoes, deep lush river gorges, warm soothing seas and sandy beaches. Visit “Balians” (Balinese healers) and local artisans. Join us to attend traditional temple ceremony full of celebrations and rituals. Experience an array of exotic Balinese dance performances and music. Enjoy Balinese massage and spa treatments and an adventurous days of cycling through small villages, the option of learning to surf, hiking, and rice field walks.

Thank you David Blehert, Kadek Roja and our Bali family for the beautiful photos.

Throughout our stay in Bali and in our village, we will meet with our local Balinese family and participate in local celebrations, offerings and practices which are a framework of traditional Balinese life. Our itinerary has the potential to change each day as we hear about ceremonies and celebrations or cremations, and other surprise activities that are a mainstay of Balinese life and culture. We may schedule additional hikes and travels as time and weather permits.

This is the one Yoga Adventure of all of our travels that presents magical surprises every time due to our long time connection with Bali and her people.

We may also add musical and dance performances, as they become available and unique ceremonies we hear about in neighboring villages. 

Exotic local food, shopping, markets and celebration are all aspects of Bali that reinvent themselves and appear at random times and is part of any Balinese experience.  We will continually stay with the pulse and excitement of the local village Balinese ritual, dance and music and schedule contact with them as often as possible. 

Yoga for the Village People will be scheduled when Deborah arrives in Bali and will be woven into the journey. For those interested in participating we can have the opportunity to teach Yoga to the people in our village and others along the way.

Our Yoga Immersion will blend with the earth based Yogic Hindu practices of Bali and bring to life the ancient Yogic teachings of the Rishis in the forests of India throughout our journey.


Cremation Ceremony