Hale Kai (Ocean House)

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“Explore the primal power of the Big Island and
nourish your adventurous spirit.”

Explore ~ Relax ~ Renew ~  Reconnect
Learn~ Be Inspired ~ Enjoy

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Hale kai (ocean house) is a living and learning center on the south Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. This sanctuary is set in a remote traditional fishing village, off the grid and nestled in the special exotic beauty of ancient Hawaii. Hale Kai offers a setting which allows the soul to merge with the spirit. Enjoy the open comfortable living, warm ocean breeze and enchanting atmosphere.

Sustainably built as a home for Deborah, David, and Alison; over the last 30 years, Hale Kai has organically evolved into a beautiful acre of oceanfront wonder. It provides a pure habitat for groups who wish to admire and partake in the daily adventures of work and play. These include; yoga, meal preparations, gardening, maintaining the solar powered system; which provides electricity for Hale Kai, practice in conserving the land and natural resources, and creating a loving and supportive community of like minded friends, students, family, and visitors who appreciate the rustic island lifestyle.

Exploring the oceans surrounding Hale Kai and the Big Island brings wild joy; the abundant waters are home to a variety of unique fish, coral, and the occasional dolphin or humpback whale, which frequent the waters surrounding the island. Hawaii is a land of incredible diversity with options to explore the power and primitive intrigue of an active volcano, lush rain forests, warm springs, waterfalls, and abundant flowers that evoke the ancient spirit of the islands.

Guests have a chance to snorkel in crystalline waters with a rainbow of tropical reef fish and sea turtles. In winter months, magnificent humpback whales are viewed from the lanai. The adventurous may kayak or hike along the coast in search of endeavor or a chance encounter with creatures from the sea. Learn to surf or discover secret swimming spots on the Big Island. Sway in hammocks beneath the rustling palms in a tropical paradise. In the evening, allow the sounds of the sea to gently lull you to sleep. A remote, unique and magical taste of old Hawaii, Polynesian style.

Tropical fruit, fish and fresh island foods make for healthy, nutritious, and healing meals cooked with care and love. Share in the nourishing fresh Island meals of organic fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Resembling Bali in its architecture and gardens, David has designed and built Hale Kai over the years through inspiration from many years of travel to Bali and Peru. Teak, ironwood, bamboo, and coconut structures support this lifestyle, authentic furniture and woodworking, as well as stone statues and ponds are works of art which evoke a sense of peace, inspiration, and creativity.

Hale Kai has been called exotic, comfortable, homey, and luxuriously rustic…providing everything one needs and nothing more.

YOGA is practiced in a round, open air studio overlooking the vast blue Pacific water, surrounded by palms and fruit trees and singing birds.

Truly experience nature as Teacher.


Sleep to the sounds of the sea and awaken to the tropical birds, rest in swaying hammocks, read, study, relax, practice yoga and visit with friends in the ocean front lanai and yoga space. Dine beneath the Palms on the oceanfront dining deck.

Life is good at Hale Kai

Come for adventure, come to rest, come to transform,

Come for yoga retreats and continuing education,

Come for health, wellness and a journey of a lifetime.

Leave with an awe inspiring life changing experience, new friends and family and restored trust in possibility, vision, dreams and happiness.

Be inspired by Deborah, David and Alison’s life long journey of global travel, studies with shamans and medicine people, yoga, adventure, meditation, wilderness skills, in depth knowledge of foods for wellness, herbology, Ayurveda: yoga for wellness, I Ching studies and readings, yoga philosophy, vision quest, living your authentic self and pursuing dreams. Enjoy photography, films, domestic and international service projects, yoga for the village people, environmental awareness project, spiritual and cultural storytelling and mentorship.

Blessings on this sacred land, beautiful dwelling and divine stewards.
Mahalo, Barbara.

David and Deb, Mahalo for this precious space. Mahalo for your vision. Mahalo for your tending of the aina. Aloha from Justin, Hawi, HI.

Hale Kai Meals


Thank you so much, to David and Deborah, for a wonderful week. The gardens are radiant and the setting is so lovely. I love sleeping here, the moon and stars and water on the rocks at the shoreline, the wrestling palm fronds, the geckos, the sunrise and sunset looking out over the Bogen Villa, and the table with the sun warmed water. Every part of the structure is so pleasing, with sacred statues at each turn, and crystals, and the spirit of the dolphins and turtles and volcano and abundant foliage and Delicious Fruit. Truly one of my most favorite places on Earth. The time we spend here nurses me throughout the year. Thank you for all you have done to establish this love inspiring, nurturing, Sheltering home for people to rest, enjoy, restore, and delight in. Edee, Little Deer Isle, Maine. November, 2002

Wow! This has been our 5th year coming here and it feels like the first time and also eternity. The second I close the gates after me I am home. The present is Hale Kai. You are all creating a remarkable place for all of us to enjoy. This is truly a dream, my dream comes true, I will share with many others. Love,  Carmen. Berkeley, California USA. November, 2009

Butterflies, birds, beautiful. I will try to remember as I return to my everyday life. I will certainly keep the energy, thank you for sharing your space. Ingrid.

Winter Solstice ‘09: Some text – we believe maybe the Bhagavad Gita speaks about yoga and skill in action. That’s what we see and feel when we marvel at the LIGHT and LOVE in every corner, angle, and angel at Hale Kai. The elements in ALL their glory! Stillness and waves. Evidence of thousands of details and choices ALWAYS honoring and respecting LIFE. THAT is what makes it so simple to BREATHE EASY HERE. And smile. With deep gratitude for all the LOVE MADE MANIFEST! MAHALO! Julie, Maui & Lolli, Santa Barbara.

With so much gratitude for a wonderful healing retreat in paradise. Thank you for the care that you put into this magnificent part of creation. What an unforgettable place and energy! Paix Namaste, Maureen. March, 2012

We spent here a wonderful time of having great fun, swimming with dolphins and discovering all the beauty of the island. We had a perfect surrounding within this retreat center to improve our inner vision, to come in contact with each other and to realize who we really are! Pure existence, pure light and pure love. Rud.

Blessed spiritual sacred sanctuary in paradise. An amazing place to hold silence in nature, waves crashing, tsunami missing us thanks to prayers and meditation, birds singing, fragrant plumeria, shells appearing, tidepools healing, dolphins bubbling. Thank you for creating this special space. Olivia.